About the Mighty Lions

This is no ordinary club. The Mighty Lions is a group of young lions (like you!) who are passionate about rugby and the Golden Lions. When you become a Mighty Lion, you’ll get access to roar-some competitions and colouring pages.

Meet Mufasa

Mufasa is the mascot of the Mighty Lions! He’ll be prancing around at every home Lions game so keep an eye out for him!


If you snap a picture with him, send it to us at mightylions@glru.co.za and you could be featured on the Mighty Lions Gallery.

Give us a roar

If you have any questions, you can contact us at: mightylions@glru.co.za

Why should I become a Mighty Lion?

As a Mighty Lion, you’ll get access to plenty of roar-some activities, fun and freebies:

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Exclusive competitions

FA01893 Mightly Lions Website Icons2

Meet your favourite players

FA01893 Mightly Lions Website Icons4

Colouring fun

FA01893 Mightly Lions Website Icons5

Download exclusive Lions artwork

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Invitation to exclusive events

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View our image galleries

Remember that your match tickets are not included in your membership, so make sure that mom or dad buys you a ticket to the next big Golden Lions game!